Employer Testimonials



In order to maintain the highest level of satisfied clients and good customer relationships we randomly send out, from time to time, customer survey questionnaires. Listed below are comments generated from a few respondents to our surveys.




"Sandy was forthright, friendly, and prompt!"

Sam Wing, CEO


"Sandy was friendly, courteous and helped us to find the right person for our practice."

Dr. Matter


"Very professional, did an excellent job!"

Linda Miller, Office Manger


"I liked the promptness and attention to our needs. Good follow up with our practice."

Debby Anderson, Medical Office Administrator


"I appreciated the thoroughness of pre-screening job candidates."

Ed Moore, Credit Manager


"Sandy was persistent, professional, and thorough."

Kent McRee, Executive Vice President/ Medical Division


“I appreciated not having to spend time on unqualified applicants”
Patsy Dowd /Administrative Associate Principal


“ I liked the response time. Sandy sent good people to interview.”
Tracey Trosclair


“Sandy was courteous, friendly, professional, helpful, and considerate”
Jeanne Stuart /Office Manager


“Everything professional and friendly. Not a bothersome attitude, left me alone to decide.”
Becky Burley/Office Manger-Executive












Employee Testimonials



At Quality First Personnel we care about our employees, Permanent or Temporary. We randomly send out, from time to time, employee survey questionnaires. Listed below are comments sent back with a few of our surveys.





I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for all of your help and hard work throughout my job search. I never thought being in such a high-demand profession, I would run into as many problems and "bad apples" as I have. I was starting to believe nursing wasn't "my cup of tea"... Then came you, your bubbly personality and Quality First Personnel. You will never understand how TRULY GREATFUL I am for you and the company! Thanks so much again!!!

Kristen Webmann, RN BSN



I wanted to pause for a moment to thank you for helping me these last 5 months. There have been numerous struggles but you've been there telling me to "hang in there." It certainly paid off!

Karla Richison



Thank You sooo much for sending me to CTX Mortgage last September for a 2 week assignment. I've been promoted twice since becoming a permanent employee last December, and I couldn't be happier. You found me a "perfect fit" when I believed that they no longer existed. I really appreciate all that you've done for me.

Sheila M. Mamon


"Sandy was great! She never got irritated with me when I called all the time (at least she never showed) I would use and encourage others to use her as well. Thanks Sandy for all your help!!"



"Sandy- Thank you so very much for the card that you sent. You are so kind and Thoughtful! Have a great day!"